Hi Folks,

I've been stretching the ol'programming muscles a lot more these days. Participated in my first Game Jam last month ( the Public Domain Game Jam ) and produced what can optimistically be called 'The Worst Game Ever'. But...Game Jams aren't about making great game...at least that's what I'll keep telling myself, they're about learning and boy did I learn a thing or two. 

So to keep what I learned fresh in my mind I'm onto the next challenge. I'm making a simple game for the '1 Game a Month Challenge' (www.onegameamonth.com).  This site is great.  Its just a bunch of folks, making games, both to improve their skills and for the joy of it.  I'm making a simple Asteroids clone with a Fantastic Voyage vibe. 

Here are some images of the Player's Sub/Ship. 

AuthorPaul Capon